Should Christians hold each other accountable for their actions?

The discipline of a Corinthian believer (2 Cor. 2:6) points to one of the important functions of the body of Christ—to hold its members accountable for how they conduct their lives. In the case mentioned here, the censure of the church caused the offender to repent and change his ways, restoring his spiritual life and bringing joy to the church.

Accountability is easy to talk about but difficult to practice. No one likes to be judged by others. In modern society it’s especially easy to feel that one’s personal life is no one else’s business.

Question: I am a minister at my church, last week I found out that one of the other ministers who is married is having an affair with one of themembers. Every Sunday he is up front leading the service and praying for people. My Pastor knows about, but he seems to be sweeping it under the rug. What do I do as minister, should I say something to my brother?

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  1. Greetings Minister,
    I believe that you have a responsibility to lovingly correct the Minister that is in sin. The Apostle Paul writes in 1 Corinthians 5 that a little sin affects the entire body of Christ. Paul is talking about a person that was openly sinning and was not repenting.

    In Matthew 18:15-17 there is a process for correcting a brother or sister in the church. It specifically deals with when the brother trespasses against a person but I strongly believe that it can be used when a brother openly trespasses against a commandment of God.

    I do believe that as a minister of the Gospel you have an obligation to deal with unrepentant sin, especially when it is a person in leadership that is committing the act.

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