As you well know everyone has an agenda or motive for what they do and why they do it. Let me be frank, I do as well —that it may not be concealed. My motive and agenda is to call for repentance from leaders that have caused a great divide between the members of the body of Christ (The Church). However, maybe or maybe not even at the fault of the leader, but hereditary because of the tradition of man.

We are running a good race. Who cut in on us and is keeping us from operating with the power of truth? Galatians 5:7 {emphasis mine}

I know the question maybe, what divide?

In the city of Indianapolis alone, Churches are in direct competition with each other. Who has the most members, who have the largest building, if one builds another one has to build, if one hears of a ministry that the other one has; instead of supporting, they start their own. Pastors only support each other within their click and only if it benefits them, which fosters an us against them mentality, which materializes to the members. This not only causes a divide amongst the BODY, but also a divide of Christians towards spiritual maturity.

Do you see this as a problem? If so, at what point do leaders rise up and begin calling each other on it or do they? If not, why?

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  1. The issue is an issue across the country. It is not “all” but some leaders. There is no escaping the issue because God has not even ordained some churches to be created. They were created because of man and not God’s direction. All of this creates a divide. The issue is not even limited to the city. The same issues exist in rural communities that need to work together. Tradition and other items have kept churches open that needed to combine. Tradition and other items have kept others from working together. This includes denominationalism, etc. From the beginning of denominationalism there has been a divide.

    Leaders have called out others on this numerous times and at numerous locations. There have been numerous pleas to work together. Some people work together and some do not. Is the Muslim getting ready to work with the COGIC person? Probably not. There are those working hard in Indianapolis to address the issue. There is the “The Wings of God” which host roundtables of ministries in the city to work together. We share information, resources, etc.

    Is it a problem? SURE!. My prayer is that there is a huge coming together from all walks of life. In the meantime, we better be reaching the unsaved with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  2. True, this is an across the country issue, however the best place to start is in our own back yard. Nevertheless, I find it very interesting that you start with; “There is no escaping the issue because God has not even ordained some churches to be created. They were created because of man and not God’s direction.” Which you say, “All of this creates a divide.” Could it be that God never ordained any man to create a church? As you know the root meaning of the term church (Gk: ekklesia) is “those called out.” The term church as used in the New Testament refers to a church founded by Jesus Christ; that is, an assembly of believers joined to Christ’s spiritual body by the Holy Spirit (1 Cor. 12:13). At the moment of regeneration (Titus 3:3-6), when they individually place their faith in the Lord Jesus as their Savior (Acts16:31); as long as on earth, they should be part of a local body of believers meeting regularly (Heb. 10:25), for edification (Eph. 4:12), worship (John 4:24), and participation in the ordinances.

    Just maybe, the real problem is that the church has become a mystery to man (pastors, bishops, etc…) as it was not understood in the Old Testament (Eph. 3:2-5; Col. 1:26), but God has been making preparations for the church regardless. Maybe, just maybe; because of man’s zeal to build or create they have ordained themselves to create churches period. Jesus did not ordain Peter to build or create His (or his) church; (Matt. 16:18) Jesus said, “On this rock I will build My church” it wasn’t for Peter or anyone else to build or create. Jesus told Peter, “I will give you the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven” (Matt. 16:19) they where ordained to blind and to lose. Could it be possible that man is spending so much time building and creating a tower (Gen. 11:2-4) that he has forgotten what he was ordained for; to blind and loose? Is it possible that this is the cause for the entire divide? When John ran to Jesus to complain about a man blinding demons in His name, (Mark 9:38-41) Jesus said, “Who does a miracle in my name can in the next moment say anything bad about me,” “for whoever is not against us is for us.”

    I am sure you are right; it is the traditionalism and denominationalism that causes so many from not working together and so many to divide. But, maybe it’s not only the old tradition of our ancestors of having the deacons do devotion or usher board selling chicken dinners to raise money for the pastors anniversary, etc…that men have tried to tear down in the church that is causing the divide. Could it be the new tradition of the successors that took away the devotion and replace it with entrainment? Could it be the new tradition of the successors that ate the chicken dinners and replace it with campaigns to build or create a new church building? Perhaps, it’s not the denominations that cause the divide, but the switch to non-denomination which so often resemble the shadow of a cult.

    I know I have heard leaders called each other out behind theirs back or leaders who don’t like each other and talk about one another, but that’s not what I am talking about. I am talking about men like Paul when he saw they were not straightforward about the truth of the gospel (Gal. 2:14) he confronted Peter before all. In the last seventeen years attending church not once have I seem any leader address another in love about their error in leading as laid out in the word of God and have seem much that needed addressing. I remember with I went with you to those meeting about the jobless men and murders in the city. There were some preachers who didn’t show up until talks about getting thousands of dollars from the city. The leaders who have been at the table every week didn’t but wasn’t bold enough to say anything. I can name many occasions were leaders backbones went limp.

    I am not talking about Mrs. Buening sponsoring a round table for preachers just to have another meeting on their calendar. I’m not talking about a Muslim working with the COGIC, what I’m talking about first getting Christian to work with Christians. I am talking about a Second Baptist working with a Light of the World, a Light of the World working with an Eastern Star, an Eastern Star working with a Friendship, a Friendship working with a New Life etc……….. I am not talking about a working together to have a party or concert. Why can’t churches come together and build houses and give to people? Why can’t churches come together and not only teach the body to be lenders and not borrowers, (Acts 4:34-16) but give them the recourses to be loosed?

    Why can’t churches come together and do real childcare ministry and give free childcare to those really in need? Why can’t churches come together and not just feed the homeless for a day, but give them who really want help out room and board? WHY???

    Why can’t churches come together and build a building pay cash for it and not enquire so much debt or start buildings they can’t finish and if they do it’s beg, beg, beg, to pay the notes. If the body of Christ would work together according to the outline the was given to the apostles and left for us in the word of God the church was make a much better impact on the city and world. Imagine four assemblies of the body of Christ utilizing the same facility working with each other to empower the body of Christ. The resources that would be available to reach the poor, the sick, the homeless; the government would be consulting the Body of Christ instead of church leaders pimping their pulpits to leaders of the community.

    You are so correct in the meantime we better be reaching the unsaved!!! However, in the meantime who’s going to do the reaching? Are the members of the Body of Christ really being taught how to be disciples willing to follow Jesus? Are churches spending more time fleecing the flock than feeding them? Is the number of souls being saved, being measured by the numbered members that walk into the building on Sunday? Is church spiritual growth measured by a person’s wiliness to give? Is spiritual maturity measure by one’s ability to be obedient to the pastor? Have churches become satisfied with lukewarm members? Let not fool ourselves into believing we are doing something when we are not to the best of our ability. How can we reach the un-saved when only ten percent of those who claim to be saved are walking in Salvation by Justification, which frees us from the law of sin! Sanctification Gives us the power over the law of sin! Glorification the assurance of being saved! The love of God the gives us the ability to bold in our walk! Why pray when we won’t humble ourselves and be real and make the effort to tear down the walls that are blocking the Kingdom of Heaven to manifest its self within the earth?

    A son seeking answers!!!

    • David, I didn’t really expect to get an answer from you on this. I had been around and studied you long enough to know you like a book, if you can’t feel in control you cowardly opt out. I understand that is why you never accepted my offer to meet with you. However, I only had one thing to say to you, which is not from me but from God. You need to repent for all the people you have hurt over the years and ask their forgiveness. Stop the vicious cycle you go through with people leaving them wounded. As I told you once before; just be honest with people and God will bless you. Nevertheless, continue in your way….you know what happens! Love you my brother and my prayers are for a humble and repentive spirit.

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