When Your Friends Betray You

We all have had friends that come and go out of our lives; friends that just leave for the passing, or whether it may be having a child, or marriage, or a move. Sometimes, we just, yes, happen to lose contact with those that we thought would never leave us. It happens. But there are friends who come through our lives who will back stab, lie, and just do you wrong. Whatever the case may be, the betrayal of a friend can hurt us so bad at times, we don’t understand why. I can recall a few friends.

I swear I think to this day, they were my friends for other purposes, which kept me like a “puppet on a string”. In the end, they lied to me, talked about and listened to others talk about me behind my back, and yes, hurt me so deeply. Though I had learned years ago from the one best friend who broke my heart horribly, one is never prepared when a friend hurts another. I even had a good friend of mine, for years violate my trust and all rules as a friend. To have friends disrespect another, or hurt one so deeply doesn’t account for their actions when they are out for themselves.

The betrayal of the friendship is deep not only for oneself, but I’m sure for a lot of us out there. To know that some friends would deceive or disrespect another is just plain cruel. Though we know it’s a part of life, and we learn to deal as life comes at us fast. I have learned friends don’t come easy these days as they did when I was growing up. They will come, they will go, and it’s a part of our lives. What I don’t accept is the fact of how friends befriend you, and betray your friendship later in life. As much as all of us will be angry from our friends hurting us in life, to me walking away from that friendship is the best way to go.

It’s the most powerful karma I love these days. Though I’m not getting younger, I’ve lost a great deal of friends over the years. Who hasn’t really? Rather it may be the betrayal or just a loss of communication, no one really deserves to be hurt in this day and age. For the few friends that I do have in my life these days, I love them dearly as they have been with me for years and seen what I’ve gone through, as I have of them. I have made new friends, and do love making new friends. I pray that they too, will understand that friendship is a treasured thing, and that they won’t become the victim of the betrayal of a friendship as the rest have.


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