Ive been a musician at my church for about 5 years. Im not the kind of person that likes confussion. The first couple of years i was there i didnt associate with people alot meaning i didnt want to get to know people personally and find out who didnt like who. To make a long story short i got to know people and that was the worst mistake of my life. I understand that people talk but i didnt and dont understand this one thing. i told the choir and i went to the pastors house that i wanted to step down from my position. i told him why and he said he understood but today he preaches about me over the pulpit. Saying he dont chase people, Ill be back with my brittches dirty, the choir is better off without music,that everything that sound good aint good for u. I also confided in him about a relationship that i was in . I wanted his blessings. I shared things with him that i never told anyone. I shared the good and the bad. I told him in the beginning of our conversation that the only reason im telling him these things is because i know that what we talk about will stay in this room. WRONG!!! HE tells his wife and she tells everybody in the church what me and the pastor talked about. i felt betrayed!!!!! no aplogy or anything! IM HURT! CAN U PLEASE HELP ME TO UNDERSTAND ANYTHING!

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  1. Hi Terrence,

    I am so very sorry for the difficult time that you have had. This is a perfect illustration showing that Pastors are human, sinners saved by grace, who still have some growing to do. My strong advice to you is to request a private meeting with your pastor and tell him respectfully what you told me. Ask him if perhaps you misunderstood. Tell him that you believe that secrets have been shared and tell him how you feel about that. Let God work in both of your hearts and see what happens.

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