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  1. Take the alcohol out of the club, change the day from Saturday night to Sunday morning, take out the bar and add an elevated money pit, change the wording freak on to praise on, make the DJ a bishop, and raise the price of admission ten percent of your income. What do you get? GOOD CHURCH!!!

    Carrying out the great commission????

  2. OMG! I was so grieved in my spirit!!!! This is a disgrace and has clearly shown us that this temple is of Satan!
    Mon at 2:11am

  3. Ann Kimble-Hill

    I’m not really sure what to think. I can’t think of any biblical reference to “cross it up”. Saints we have to be very careful of who we emulate, even if it does bring a lot of folks into the pews!

  4. Apostle Stacey Woods

    I need to know the context of what “cross it up” means before judging it. What was the topic of the sermon? Anyone know?

  5. This is not anything that is Holy…..It’s a time and place for everything…Cross it up isn’t in the bible….Even if it is, this is not God’s exzmple, excuse me, in The Faith of Christianity…I will take it to my grave, I stand against it, and I am not prooud of it! I worked too hard, discipline from acts of foolishness to go in church and this…I need a Word From God’s Spirit, not Man’s Flesh…..

  6. Apostle Stacey Woods

    okay Sis Lisa , bless you.
    I just need to know because we are TOO quick to mark someone a heretic…not of God…etc. I need to know what the message was about. Discernment is using WISDOM not just initial feelings. We have to judge something fairly before proclaiming what is or is not God.

  7. So in this case, which part of the the bible, old testament or new testament does anybody say “Shorty Lo”….Clean and Unclean is not to be mixed in Church….If you believe in it, that’s fine. I don’t know what the sermon was about, and I really don’t care. It’s not just his church, it’s all across the Nation…The Whole Body Is sick, Head To Toe… Read More, any man preach any other gospel is accursed, and any man that partake in this is guilty of the same deeds…Some things it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see…I paid my dues, still paying them..Ask God was it acceptable. If I ‘m dying and need delieverance, I don’t need cross it up, nor was it a youth conference. I clearyl understand why God taught us by Jesus, we will be hated by all men, but Let God be true…I have discernment, keen, and I am not confused. Caught me 10 years ago, and you could of told me this, but thank you Lord, I know for myself…

  8. Prophetess Faizah Imani

    Prophetess Faizah Imani LOVE IT! One thing I love about Bishop Long is that he studies the waters, which is a great quality of a fisherman. You can’t catch fish if you don’t know what they are biting. We have got to be relevant. Everyone might not get it, but those who are meant to get it will get it. Thank God for liberty in the Spirit to praise Him how we want to praise Him.

  9. Where is the Bible…………..????? Lord, Help us….!!! God’s Judgement will reveal it by Fire…..Yes, I thank God for liberty to know that this is not of him…To justify the wicked and condemn the righteous is an abomination unto God. If men are unjust over the riches of that evil, how can they watch over what is Just…These men nailed Jesus… Read More to the cross whenever we take the bible and make it what we want..This is a journey and it will be torn down if it is not of God. God is concerned about his Kingdom not men that do not love him…To love him is to do what he say…Yes, we want to lift up Jesus, draw men in, I was one of them, and Lord knows I rather listen to rap instead of an imitation of gangsta music and world dance in the church. Hey every man will be judged on Judgement Day…Heed his voice and turn from that which is in the world is enmity to God…The carnal mind do not understand spiritual things…I respect where everyone is, but this is not of God….My last ….

  10. Apostle Stacey Woods

    Prophetess Imani, thank you. I need to KNOW and at least give the man of God a chance in seeing what was the message about. I’m about done here though. Be blessed everyone.

  11. An important tool I learned hanging around with Wise Men of Integrity is called S.M.A.R.T- SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ACHEVEABLE, RELEVANT, AND TIMELY…..I thank God for my Marriott Family that taught me Integrity, Honesty, Loyalty, Fair Treatment Acts, and Human Relation Skills…Most of all for allowing me to understand Quality, Value, and … Read MoreProfessioanlism in our positions to represent Credible Ministries, Business, and Reputation….All Glory To God for sending me instructions……LF “Journey To Purpose” Coming Your Way….Maybe people will understand why I chose to Stand for Something, and not Fall for anything…LF

  12. I must say Eddie Long was a big influence in my life for a long time; I even attached myself to his style of preaching. Prophetess Faizah Imani you are right he does study the waters, which is a great quality of a fisherman. However, even a great experienced fisherman knows when the fish are biting you don… Read More’t throw rocks in the water and you never ever jump in yourself. This is pure entertainment at its best. The fisherman begins to eat the very bait he was using and became a part of what he was fishing for. Have we become pleased with the world coming into the building and making an impact on the body? Should we not be going out of the building making an impact on the world? Now I am not judging the man, however I am standing on the same measure I want to be judged.

  13. Very intelligent response Kenny!

  14. Even better than me. (I would like to state)……………He made me to light up like fire, but you have a Pastor Approach, I love it!!! I’m writing about judgement in the BOC and one thing I really like that you stated here was the judgement is based upon the same measure mete back unto you…That’s Godly Wisdom, God gave you that…:)Thanks…

  15. LaShunda McClain

    My husband and I were just having a convo with some friends about a subject matter somewhat like this… about music. One thing that we all agreed upon is that God is the Creator of music!!! The Lord assigned music over to Lucifer. The devil didn’t create Worship, God did!!! The devil didn’t create music God did!!! But lets not get it twisted … Read Morethe devil has tried to take what God created for worship to Hiimself “FIRST” and make it dirty!!! Now don’t get me wrong I was shocked at what I saw because it did catch me off guard. I’m not sure of why they were yelling “it ain’t fair”? So that video in itself I’m gonna leave alone because a few things did not sit right in my spirit about it. But I wouldn’t judge diffrent styles of corprate worship in our church as being wrong. Sometimes we’ve said collectivly in my church… Go Jesus, go Jesus, go… is that wrong? Or I’ve heard the term Holy Ghost Party is that too street? Personally, I don’t think so.

  16. Mendi Joi Wilson

    Thanks for your comment, LaShunda. I completely agree. These days, it’s hard to judge the music, worship, etc. If lives are touched and getting saved then isn’t that most important? I mean, the worship can’t stay that way…there has to be variety otherwise the “new” Christian will be stagnate, and what’s the point of that? I just think that … Read Morewe need to be wise b/c we don’t want to lead people astray or use Satan’s music to extol Jesus Christ. This has always been a controversial topic among Christians…the best thing to do is pray and pay attention to the Holy Spirit b/c some can handle it while others of us are grieved by these things.

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