Sizing up the Enemy V

Satan apparently commands a well-disciplined army. While we have no evidence that their discipline is perfect, Jesus discounted the idea that they might fight against other (Matthew 12:26). Well-coordinated work is typical of satanic attacks; his followers know what to do, and they do it with extreme reliability. Our people, on the other hand, frequently are more like a loose rabble. We feel happy if our people even show up, let alone take a hand in the struggle. And too often our people do Stan’s work for him—arguing his case or even attacking and destroying fellow Christians.

Posted on September 14, 2009, in Sizing up the Enemy. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Hi Kenny, I was introduced to you through Channel of Healing. You have a great blog. I especially needed this post because I know I’m in the middle of warfare with the enemy, but my eyes are on God and my armor is on!

    “…, and this is particularly true in groups that are aggressively doing God’s work. ” Amen and amen! Thanks for this confirmation.

  2. Thanks Lori, my prayers are with you in the battle!

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