Sizing up the Enemy VI

All firsthand accounts of battle emphasize how terrifying it is. Seeing friends cut down on every side is unnerving. But Satan’s forces are fearless. They come, and they keep coming, no matter what happens. Any local victory we score will be answered quickly by another attack. Casualties are common in the church. How jolting it is to see believers you thought would never falter fall apart completely.

Relentless pressure like this becomes demoralizing to fearful people like us. Humans tend to keep score and to lose heart when they’re behind. But the demons don’t seem to care how often they lose—they remain just as determined during times of victory. Satan capitalizes on fear, often convincing Christians that their struggle is hopeless, and this is particularly true in groups that are aggressively doing God’s work. While do-nothing groups may live in comparative serenity, active, forward-moving groups can expect a relentless battering.

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