Cancer Of The Spirit

How can we remove the cancer of our spirit, the aspects of our character that destroy our integrity? David said, “that he would guard his ways lest I sin” Ps. 39:1.Today, I meet a Christian lady, the bad part about it, I wouldn’t have known she was a Christian if I had not once fellowship-ed with her in the pass. Hopefully I am wrong, but it seemed that because I don’t follow with them anymore I was Satan himself. She didn’t even want to look at me, I made her speak, boy she didn’t want to. 

In Ps. 39:1-3 David realize that he needed to cast himself upon God for help and deliverance from his sinful patterns. This is what I will be talking about in my next church series. Pastors, Bishops, etc… whatever they call themselves preaching sermons to people which is kinda like teaching them to swim on dry land. God’s people need to be taught and not tossed a sermon. Christians need a new understanding of themselves in order to diagnose the true condition of their soul.

My heart was so filled with compassion all I could do was go to my car and pray for this lady and all the others like her. So many Christians are lost in church just like this lady. Please pray for our Christians brothers and sisters who are living in a spiritual draught . They are so in dire need of God’s Word to nourish them back to life so the Holy Spirit can perform a spiritual healing on them. He alone through His Word “forgives our iniquities” and “heal all our spiritual cancerous diseases”

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