Christianity Series INTRODUCTION


A couple of years ago I was looking in hurt for a real God – not just somebody I sang hymns to, I needed to know God and not church. What we did in church, I now believe, was clear from my confused view all the dense undergrowth we can accumulate through childhood and into manhood. I call this undergrowth “religion”. It increasingly encumbers many of us who are brought up to go to church on Sunday. We learn the right prayers, and when we kneel, and we pick up some of the jargon; but we still do not know whether God is real. And we do not know how to make contact with Him. We sit half listening to head-full’s of sermons about all kinds of mystical propositions. So preachers/pastors/bishops intoxicated by theology and yet themselves unsure, fail to tackle the simple, basic truths.

Does God really exist? How may we know? Is He still alive today? Does going to a church building on Sunday make me a Christian? So there I was, in a bit of a mess, needing help. And where was the church? Where was my pastor? Where were my brothers and sisters? Well, the church was too busy trying to figure out why I left and what happen. My pastor was too busy trying to figure out how to build a church building. My brothers and sisters were trying to figure out how to get my position or their next thirty minutes of fame. What I had perceived to be my spiritual world came crashing down. I was at the cross roads of life, do I turn left and go back to where I came from (the world and Satan grip) or do I turn right and push my way to find the truth. Is God really real? Is this all Christianity is all about?

After much battling within myself, I turned and proceeded right. Over the next seven months God took me with such clarity through all the undergrowth that I soon began to see the light shining ahead and I could not wait to break through into the warmth and the glow. Then I hit the last boulder in my path full conversion God has prepared us for. The biblical tests we all have to pass, it dawn on me that I had not passed them all. Not only had I not passed them, but the church had not prepared me for the conversion that I needed to make. So many people year after year take their children out of public schools, because of the poor teaching, discipline and lack of care from the teaching staff. The church has beaten them hands down in their poor performance to educate their students how to become disciples. No accountability from the self confessed head of the church (the pastor) thru the pews to the parking lot attendant. Church had taught me how to do church, but to live a converted live, no instructions was given. No one was willing to be naked, and not ashamed.

Through these teachings over the next few months, I pray that God will remove the undergrowth from your life as He did mine. Christianity does not end with acceptance of Christ as the church today so bluntly teaches in so many ways and then the conversion is prosperity, speaking in tongues or just being good. Christianity is a conversion from one state of being to another. God has given us everything we need to make the trip, but we need teachers and not sermon pushing pimps.

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