Sizing up the Enemy I

As I begin my quest to size up the enemy to prepare for the spiritual battles ahead of me, I couldn’t help but to think about our enemy the devil. In the first place he’s been doing this for thousands of years. As a result he and his demon followers are supremely experienced. Something that church never taught me. Satan has seen it all many times. He knows the moves of us five sermons, two shouts and I spoke in tongue holier than thou—Christians. He’s studied human nature for ages and knows exactly how we work. Satan know in the tension of battle get the Saints a new car or new house or both and they will lose it and start running around in circles, especially when they know they are not prepared for the war. But Satan doesn’t have to worry about that with his battle-hardened fighters. While our green troops are still trying to figure out what battle is, or how to get your money; Satan’s followers have each fought thousands of battles —they have study the Word and they know as long as you don’t obey and follow along according to God’s plan. YOU LOOSE!!!

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