The Church Series Pt. 12 (WARNING) Rated FG-7

“The Order of Worship”


I remember when we decided to move from traditional to non-traditional church. One of the things that needed to be changed was the “Order of Worship”. We went through all the meeting to change the traditional order of worship into a new dressed up order of worship. However, with all the thoughts and suggestions, no one ever considered; what will lead us to the spiritual growth God intended?


The reality of it all, no matter how charismatic you think your order of worship has become, it has only tightened the choke hold it has on God people. The new fad is only a continuation of repressing mutual participation and growth within the body of Christ. There is absolutely no room for the Holy Spirit to use anyone spontaneously in prayer, song, insight or exhortation, silencing the members of the Body of Christ.


We are forced to be muted. What if in the middle of our “Order of Worship” God lead someone to just start praying for someone out loud? What if the Spirit leads you to just start singing another song in the middle of the praise and worship on the “Order of Worship”? What if God gave you a word during the pastor’s sermon and you could hold your peace, you raise your hand and no one acknowledged it, so you just started saying it? Even though open sharing in a church meeting is completely scriptural, you would be breaking the liturgy if you dared to try something so outrageous! You would be asked to behave yourself or leave.


I remember there was a family who started coming and worshiping with us. During the service this lady would get up and start dancing up and down the aisles. Our reaction was oh my God, what is she doing? We cannot let her interrupt our “Order of Worship” like this. Soon the aisles were blocked off, which forced her and her sons to dance in the back of the building, next thing you knew she was gone. Then the next thing you knew the “Order of Worship” called for dancing in the aisles and everyone was okay with that. I wonder did anyone go and apologize to the lady and her family?


The “Order of Worship” takes another turn it removes the headship of Jesus Christ. The entire service is directed by one person. You are limited to the knowledge, gifting, and experience of one member of the body – the pastor. Where is the freedom of our Lord to speak through His body at will? Where is the reason for the others member of the body to seek a deeper insight with God to be able to share with the whole body of believers? The “Order of Worship” allows for no such thing, Christ has no freedom to express Himself through the others of His Body. He is rendered a passive spectator.


Granted, Christ may be able to express Himself through one or two members of the church – usually the pastor and the music leader. Wow, what a very limited expression of the glorious gifting that has been given to the Body of Christ. I remember there were a few ladies within the Body, which we were told to watch out for. They liked to go and pray for other people and interrupting the “Order of Worship”. We were told to stop them! Was this not a crippling of Christ manifesting Himself through the other members of the Body?


For many the Christians, the Sunday morning service had become boring. Then came along the Charismatic Mega Churches, they recognized the sterile nature of the contemporary church service. In response, they incorporated a vast array of media and theatrical modernizations into the liturgy. This is done to market worship to the un-churched or bring the world into the church instead taking the church into the world. Employing the latest technology, Charismatic Institutionalized Mega Church has been able to succeed in swelling their ranks. Despite the added entertainment it affords, the market-driven charismatic service is still held captive by the pastor, the threefold “hymn sandwich” remains intact, and the Body continues to be muted spectators, only they are more entertained in their spectating.


The “Order of Worship” you quietly sit through or with loud music you stand through every Sunday actually hinders spiritual transformation. Why would I say that? It encourages passivity, it limits functioning, and it implies that putting in one or three hour (depending if the Holy Ghost shows up and someone catches it) per week is the key to victorious Christian life. No wonder it is so hard to get people (Christians) to go visit the sick, those in the nursing homes and in prison unless the pastor is going.


Every Sunday you attend the “church” to be bandaged and recharged, like all other wounded soldiers. Far too often, however, the bandaging and the recharging never take place. The reason is quite simple The New Testament never links sitting through an ossified ritual that we mislabel “church” as having to do with spiritual transformation. We grow by functioning, not by passively watching and listening.


The New Testament is not silent with respect to how we Christians are to meet. Shall we, therefore, opt for man’s tradition when it clearly runs contrary to God’s thought for His Church? His Headship of Christ for the sake of our sacrosanct liturgy? Is the Church of Jesus Christ the pillar and ground of turth or the defender of man’s traditions?   


I hope to visit you soon, but just in case I’m delayed, I’m writing this letter so you’ll know how things ought to go in God’s household, this God-alive church, bastion of truth. This Christian life is a great mystery, far exceeding our understanding, but some things are clear enough:                  1 Timothy 3:16

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