What My Pastor Forgot!

You can climb to high for your own good. It’s possible to ascend too far, stand to tall, and elevate too much. Linger too long at high altitudes, and two of your senses suffer. Your hearing dulls. It’s hard to hear people when you are higher than they. Voices grow distant. Sentences seem muffled. And when you are up there, your eyesight dims. It’s hard to focus on people when you are so far above them. They appear so small. Little figures with no faces. You can hardly distinguish one from the other. They all look alike. You don’t hear them. You don’t see them. You are above them.

I watched my pastor when it seemed as if there were no defeats on the battlefield. No blemishes on his administration. Loved by the people. Served by the soldiers. Followed by the crowds. He was at an all time high. The point were he lost his humility. The higher you allow people to exhaust the greater chance of losing your humility. “Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven”. Matthew 18:4

The humility of a man draws people and empowers their thinking. However, the pride of a man controls people and brings their thinking into captivity.


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