The Church Series (Problems)Pt. 39 (WARNING) Rated FG-7

Aside from being incompetent, fearful, ignorant, distracted, and unbelieving, we sometimes suffer from even more serious handicaps. Many Christians are secretly in love with the other side. These may follow Christ outwardly, but in their hearts they are intent on currying favor with Satan’s world-system. And this despite the warning that “friendship with the word [kosmos] makes you an enemy of God” (James 4:4).

Spiritual beings are completely uninterested in temporal goals like pleasure and making money. Humans, on the other hand, often are obsessed with temporal goals but unable to articulate any specific spiritual goals in their own lives. Some of our follow travelers couldn’t care less about God’s goals and haven’t lifted a finger in years to move his purposes forward in the world.

Our Christian brothers and sisters frequently suffer internal division, with members too bitter toward their brothers and sisters to contribute anything but discord and distress. We have members right in our midst that Satan can energize and use any time he wants. A significant proportion of Christians are simply too lazy and too selfish to wage spiritual war. Others are so gullible they’re just as likely to believe what Satan and his people say as what God says. At this time, very few of our people are adequately equipped for real battle.

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