Wolves in sheep’s clothing are teaching and fleecing the flock.

Paul warned us that grievous wolves in sheep’s clothing clothing would come into the Church. We know that in the history of the Church many wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing have devoured the flock. Today in our time there are many breeds of wolves in sheep’s clothing in our institutional churches and organizations that are decimating the flock like never before.

What follows is an analogy, if you want to read in clear language what I believe the problems in major Christian movements are, read my apostasy in the church article. There are grievous wolves in sheep’s clothing in all Christian movements but also try to keep in mind that I am not saying any sheep in these pastures equate with the wolves.

Wolves in sheep’s clothing
An Analogy by Don Koenig,

The wolves in sheep’s clothing of the older traditional flocks by beastly reason, deny that the grass of God is divine. They teach the sheep in training to eat the grass of God with a mix of mystical beans imported from agnostic gurus that grew their beans under black light. Many of the the sheep they train tend to grow black wool and they become black clothed distributors of beans at most of the traditional gathering places.

The laying sheep in these fields reverend the black sheep distributors. They ordain them to do all the feeding duties of the flock. As a consequence, most of the laying sheep will never get up to graze on the grass from God. They just eat all the beans that their reverend hands out.

Some sheep lay downwind. These stayed gassed or they get up to look for grass in more fragrant pastures. Some of these sheep eventually do find pure grass but many of these just end up at Schuller’s drive-in where they buy pop corn from the old man who sells it weekly from his glass concession stand. He also includes a prize in each package for any large wool offering.

Many wolves in sheep’s clothing teach the sheep that they can be born into the flock of God by a ritual performed by old black rams. They say all sheep that are sprinkled or immersed by these rams with water are born into the family of the Good Shepherd and are predestined to be saved from the barbecue even without faith in the Good Shepherd. In many cases that is the last time the sheep will be found in the pasture until they are laid out for their great reward.

Some wolves teach the sheep how they can all get along in the pasture of their fathers. These pastures have become pretty barren so some wolves give the sheep a new diet of old grass mixed with reformed substitutes. Many wolves believe that even this is not enough for the sheep so they also give them a human diet. This humanistic diet causes strange perverted cravings that compel some sheep to leave the pastures of their fathers and to follow perverted black sheep to the pigs trough where they soon become a flatulent flock.

Other wolves in sheep’s clothing in these folds teach that the natural chosen flock of God was totally replaced by a spiritual flock. They say that the Good shepherd rescinded His unconditional promises made to His natural flock that they would one day be restored to their original pastures. The wolves say the new covenant that God unconditionally promised to the natural flock no longer applies to the natural flock but only applies to His spiritual flock.Yet, the sheep deceived by these wolves believe the same Good Shepherd who would break His unconditional promises to the natural sheep will faithfully keep the unconditional promises He made to the spiritual sheep.

In past times this teaching has led the spiritual sheep to believe that the natural sheep are really goats who needed to be delivered to the gas ovens to cleanse the land. Even today this teaching still hinders the movement of natural sheep back to the pasture given to them by God. The replacement theology taught by these wolves requires that some kinds of grass be removed from their diet and be replaced with tare tails. For sheep to swallow the tare tails in the manor that they are delivered for consumption, the tare tails must be rammed down the throat of the sheep using balls of paper ripped out of old theology books.

Some of the other sheep who stray from the traditional fields will be delivered 144,000 beans cooked at their local watchtower or they eat moron beans sent in pods from the planet Kolob.

The Charismatic and Pentecostal wolves in sheep’s clothing use the power of suggestion and some forms of witchcraft to pull the wool over the sheep’s eyes. They encourage them to learn how to fall, how to claim healing they never received, how to blame spirits for their own bad habits and how to bind demons with twine made from their own wool.

The grass of God is sometimes mixed with toxic home-made concoctions that make the sheep loony and incapable of rational thought. Some of the sheep in this mental state become groupies of clown wolves that claim the power to heal. These sheep tend to go wherever the next circus act is scheduled. The groupie sheep are not rational enough to see that the good shepherd would never use clowns because they always put on a phony face. They also do not see that the clowns are mocking them by continually pushing them on their butts, manipulating them to do foolish things in front of other sheep, and fleecing them.

Others Crouch with the Bakker’s that roast anointed beans by the heat of cathode ray tubes. Those who ask Orally for these beans are promised a lifetime supply of canned beans mixed with new wine for a seed faith offering of the wool on their backs. In Hinn site they are clipped of their wool and sent a “gift” of string beans that compels them to send in their wool each month to keep the wolves cathode ray tubes warm.

Wolves of this type like to teach the sheep to go up to higher slippery paths where the grass has been twisted by the wind of TV evangelists. Most sheep soon trip on the twisted grass and take a hard fall into the valley of faithlessness. The fallen sheep in the valley of the faithlessness are then told that they never had Spirit in the first place or they would never have fallen. They are then taken to a back road where they are coerced to receive this Spirit with evidence of unknown baaing. After they fulfill this “essential requirement” the wolves lead the sheep back up to the slippery path to the twisted grass to again look for the highlands.

The sheep are told that reaching the highlands will give them the faith to claim what they name. These sheep repeat this routine of climbing and falling over and over again until they reach what they presume are the highlands or until they give up from exhaustion. None of these sheep actually find the highlands while they are alive but those that made it to what they presume are the highlands are taught by wolves in that location to believe that they have become like God. They tell these sheep that they have the power to create with their tongue and can baa their own green fields into existence. They are told this God like power comes from having faith in the force of faith. When the fields stay brown the sheep are told it is because they still lacked enough faith to have faith in faith.

Still other wolves in sheep’s clothing in these pastures teach the sheep that God is required to give them a hundred-fold increase for any wool that is sent to them. They are told they can even pledge future hair cuts and get the same hundred-fold blessing. These gullible sheep can be found kneeling in front of old TV’s at the local dump to establish a point of contact so these wolves can reach out and cut the wool off their backs.

Many of the sheep that presume that they walk on highlands become arrogant and continually look down on the sheep of God who they believe stayed in the lower pastures. They also refuse to believe that sheep in these lower pastures can have Spirit without the evidence of “unknown baaing” even though they themselves eat the fruit of the huge orchards grown in these pastures.

The Roman Catholic wolves in sheep’s clothing teach their sheep that the only way to the pastures of God is through their wolf den at the Vatican. The sheep here are given mostly synthetic grass made in Rome but flavored with spices from Babylon. While being fed this blend, the sheep are led down dark paths worn down by many previous generations who marched in step to the sound of singing cardinals. While on the dimly lit path the sheep are led to believe that they are going to the barbecue pit unless they follow a set of cardinal rules. If they faithfully follow these cardinal rules they are promised that they will only get roasted long enough to purge them of their bad odors. They are also told they can shorten their time in the roasting pit by baaing for their stumbles, or by wearing rough collars, but the ultimate rule they are given to escape getting shish-kebabbed is to hail Mary who had a little Lamb whose fleece was white as snow.

The sheep in this pasture that have some taste know that the synthetic grass is not palatable and eventually leave. Some of those that leave find real grass to eat but others find eastern substitutes for grass such as TM (transcendental meditation) which compels them to put their head up their butt to look for grass inside themselves. Others, find a Western substitute for grass called TV where they dine on holly and wood. After a steady diet of holly wood squares many feel they are in Limbo and become compelled to go back to the local den to get fleeced at Bingo. Still others, go to gin mills to replace the synthetic grass with fermented grass. With this diet not only do they end up with gas from the fermented grass but they always fear that the gas they produce will be collected to be used as fuel for their own barbecue.

The Evangelical wolves in sheep’s clothing let their sheep get fat on the grass of God but the wolves want the sheep to know that for them to look heavenly they also need to learn ninety-nine ways to grow more abundant grass. Certain wolves also push seminars developed by other wolves like “twelve steps toward a better field” or “finding your purpose in life through temperament profiling”.

A breed of new seeker friendly wolves in sheep’s clothing came in by way of Willow Creak valley and are enlarging their field boundaries up to the big saddleback so the other beasts of the filed can also occupy the pasture instead of just sheep.

The seeker-friendly wolves opened wide the gates and give watered down grass to all that enter. Most of the beasts of the field soon get tired of watered down grass so they usually leave the field through the same wide revolving gates that continually allow new replacements to come in. Meanwhile, the faithful grass eating sheep who originally came in the pasture through the narrow gate waste away on the hoof because the watered down grass that they now are fed contains little nourishment.

A new wolf breed is now emerging. They tell the sheep that the grass of God can be changed to suit your taste. They say it is better to eat in new mystical fields then to eat of the old trusted grass growing areas. They are now shifting the thinking of the sheep to believe that all animal trails lead to God.

Other wolves in sheep’s clothing lead the sheep to their very own blue lodge where they teach the sheep to do pagan rituals toward their shrine. The sheep are taught that the grass of God is only one of many foods at the table in the great lodge. Those that are deceived by this message really no longer know what to believe about the true grass of God and they seldom eat it anymore except for the traditional hour on Sundays.

Some sheep can be found in the back pasture devouring each other by committee. Many times they can no longer digest each other so they vote to move part of the flock to a new field or they start a search committee to replace the head ram. If they are fortunate they will find a ram who will give them a good butt, making them swallow their tongues so they will no longer be able to eat mutton. Those that get the kind of ram they want instead of the ram they need will soon become so full of themselves that they can no longer eat grass anymore without the ram’s assistance. When most in this pasture get in this condition they tend to vote to build a bigger barn so they can all assemble at one time to receive the weekly force feeding of prepackaged dried grass.

The independent fundamental wolves in sheep’s clothing
teach their sheep to eat the grass of God but they do not teach them to drink of the Spirit to help digest it. So they continually drop half digested grass wherever they roam and foul the land. They make it difficult for other sheep to even walk in the land.

The “Word of Faith”, “Kingdom Now” and “Latter Rain” wolves in sheep’s clothing
teach the sheep that they already dwell in the promised pasture. These wolves more than any other wolves love to goat and bully the flock.

Some of these wolves in sheep’s clothing open schools where sheep are taught how to become prophets of God. The prophetic sheep learn how to tell other sheep messages that they will want to hear and to give them visions of their own mind. These visions do not come true but the wolves never hold the prophetic sheep accountable for anything that they baa because the wolves in these pastures are themselves never held accountable for what they howl.

Other wolves in sheep’s clothing flatter the sheep and tell them that they are already powerful beings and like God. The sheep are told if they just have the faith to believe they will receive. They say that the sheep’s baa’s are containers of a creative force and that they will get whatever they baa. They teach the “God force” must obey their baa’s and thus they put God in the same box-like container the sheep created with their own mouth.

Certain wolves in sheep’s clothing disguise themselves as rams. They tell the sheep that the Good Shepherd anointed them over the flock and that He gave them an anointed Ramah horn to continually blow. Many of the sheep in this pasture really do not like the anointed ram because the ram’s nature is that of a wolf. All the loud horn blowing gives sheep a migraine, but their nature is rather sheepish. They are simply afraid to question how the ram received the authority to blow his own horn in the first place. Some sheep eventually eat enough true grass to get the strength to stand on their own four feet and see the ram in the true green light that always is reflected from God’s grass. After viewing the blowhard in the light of God, many of these sheep get indigestion from the weeds that were dished out to them and they leave for a pasture where they will get a more balanced diet.

The sheep that remain with these wolves believe they eat grass but they really graze mostly on fields of bitter herbs and toxic weeds. After they consume this diet for awhile they turn into mutton heads and do one irrational thing after another. Some have even claimed a blessing from a big Browne wind that started blowing in Toronto. This same Browne wind was also blowing in Texas and often blew in the presence of the Crouchers in front of the cathode ray tubes. The Browne wind compels sheep in these pastures to fall on the ground laughing like hyenas. Clone wolves have since appeared that teach the sheep to bark and roar and to do many other imitations.

The positive thinking positive confession wolves in sheep’s clothing like to tell the sheep that “what they can believe they can achieve”. They serve the sheep attractive looking human food served on fine settings prepared by psychologists. This humanistic diet rich in self esteem is presented worldwide from their puppets in a huge crystal cathedral. This rich humanistic diet often gives sheep a bad case of gout. So, before long most no longer desire to walk to the field to eat grass, instead the sheep can be found swallowing baloney that flies by air from the stage of an old pop corn wizard that claims an hour of power.

These wolves teach that there are no black sheep there are only misguided ones. They say all sheep will eventually come to the Good Shepherd to be saved. It has even been heard in these pastures that wolves also plant God’s grass. There is no barbecue of the black sheep according to these wolves even though the Good Shepherd made it clear that all who did not trust in Him to make there fleece as white as snow will go into the fire.

Some wolves teach sheep that coming to the Great Shepherd is to partake in the abundant life that He will provide for them while they are still on the hoof. To become a partner in this abundant lifestyle sheep just need to send them a hundred pounds of wool each month (or a one time annual gift of a thousand pounds). In return, these wolves will send the sheep a collector item bell to wear around their neck to remind them how much they enjoyed being fleeced.

The pseudo Christian cult wolves in sheep’s clothing
speak face to face with the evil shepherd. The sheep in these pastures accept the evil shepherd’s message because they have never really heard the voice of the Good Shepherd. They eat grass that has been soaked in poison. The evil shepherd wants the wolves to bring these sheep to the lake for his great roast.

Signs of the time
There have been many raids on the flock but never have there been so many wolves in sheep’s clothing attacking from so many directions. With mass media the grievous wolves in sheep’s clothing have access to many sheep and they are fleecing the flock like never before in history.

The scripture states that there would be heresies, bad doctrine, lies and ungodly practices by the leaders of the church in the last days. What is happening in our day in the church is a pretty good predictor that we are very near the last days foretold in the scripture.

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