The Church Series (Dummying down the church.)Pt. 40 (WARNING) Rated FG-7

America’s churches are as “dumbed down” as its public schools. In all fairness, several generations of pastors have been lied to about the political themes in the Bible. Our call to be “salt and light” goes beyond loving our neighbors, telling the truth and being faithful to our spouses yet we are not taught. And it also extends to all aspects of life including politics, economics, law, education, medicine and any societal issue you can think of.

The word “king”, as well as variations such as “kings” and “kingdom,” appears almost 2,000 times in the Bible. But, for some odd reason, we do not understand the kingdom principles within church body.

I am no Bible scholar; however by God’s grace I developed an intellectual superiority. I just read more than some folks. This does not make me a better Christian or even a better person. I am just a bigger nerd. I was just a business owner who has developed an interest reading the Bible and in to process a zeal for God. It would blow most people’s minds if they knew what the Bible really says and how much they are being lied to by pastors and purported Christians.

Most churches nowadays do a rotten job of Bible education. This has resulted in a generation of gullible Christians who stand for nothing and fall for anything.

There are several forces at work here. The Church Growth Movement shares much of the blame. In order to get the maximum number of warm bodies through the doors each Sunday, many churches have sacrificed godliness in the name of relevance. Preach something too controversial and some folks might not come back. Relevance and a packed house are preferable to godliness and a few empty seats.

501(c)(3) is another huge contributor, if you will. This provision of the Internal Revenue Code requires that organizations refrain from endorsing political candidates and keep political comments to a minimum if they wish to remain tax exempt. Most pastors, I fear, are more committed to keeping this exemption than to the struggle against the rulers, authorities and powers of this world. (Ephesians 6:12)

The sad irony of 501(c)(3) is that, while churches compromise Scripture in order to avoid taxes, they remain silent about a tax code that inflicts far more harm on Christians than the world possibly could.

This situation will only grow worse as funding is needed for “faith-based” institutions to build bigger buildings which grow from a trickle to a deluge. What a great way to get more money. You cannot serve God and money. (Matthew 6:24)

Contemporary churches typically discuss Scriptures pertaining to the Christian attitude toward leadership. And even then, they get things all wrong.

I Timothy 2:1-2 instructs us to pray for those in authority. This does not mean that we should be brainlessly uncritical of what they do just because we like their rhetoric.

Too many people think it is their pastor’s job to spoon feed them Scripture. God gave you a brain. Use it! Take some initiative! Just because your pastor does not discuss certain subjects does not mean that they are not of biblical importance. Jesus told the apostles to be as “shrewd as serpents.” (Matthew 10:15) Discern the world around you in light of God’s Word rather than in light of your Pastor’s agenda.

Again, it would blow your mind if you only knew how much you are being lied to.

We hear a lot of talk about certain movies desensitizing children to the effects of sex, violence and so forth. I see a parallel in the church. Most people today have memory of only popular Scripture.

Add to this a church that has been derelict in its duty to educate people about a very important theme of Scripture, and you have greased the skids for a slide into slavery to your religion and the world.

In the Old Testament, God rebukes the Israelites for setting up kings without His consent and princes without His approval. (Hosea 8:4) American Christians 2,700 years later are no different. We have rejected God as our king, and we clamor for pastoral saviors. (I Samuel 8:4-20) We are just like secular people in our love affair with the modern superstar, which has no basis in Scripture.

The more we place our faith in our pastor and the church, the more we reject God. Keep in mind that Jesus was put to death by people who proclaimed, “We have no king but Caesar.” (John 19:15) They had become completely allied with Rome and no longer acknowledged their real king.

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