Faith Abides

Faith is not an emotion. It is an objective trust placed in a very real God.

Faith is highly underrated. Too many people view faith as some sort of mysterious hocus-pocus. They’re too intelligent to have faith. Faith is for children and weak-minded adults. Yet every single day of their lives people have faith in stuff. They believe it’s safe to eat their breakfast. They trust the weatherman who says it’s not going to rain. They drive on the freeway and have faith that none of the other drivers are going to hit them head-on.

You need faith to live, or else you’d sit at home in the dark and do nothing. Without faith you would die. Believing in God is not for the simple or the weak. It’s for thoughtful people who know that without faith, you can’t ultimately experience and know God. Faith doesn’t come and go. It abides and grows as God reveals Himself more and more to the one who believes.

“And a righteous person will live by faith.” Hebrews 10:38

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