Let God Have a Turn to Talk

Prayer involves listening to God as well as speaking to Him.

What is your definition of prayer? The most common response to that question is, “Talking to God.” Unfortunately, that answer is wrong. The correct answer is “Talking with God.”

Perhaps you think we are being to nitpicky. But there is a huge difference between talking to God and talking with God. Think about it. Conversation, by definition, requires two-way communication. Otherwise, it’s just one person giving a speech rather than two people conversing.

Maybe you’re thinking that prayers have to be one-way only (you to God) because God never replies. Well, He does. But you have to give Him a turn to talk. The next time you pray, don’t walk away until you have given God a chance to respond. The Holy Spirit wants to say something to you, but He won’t interrupt when you are talking, so you’ll have to stop talking and start listening.

“The Maker of the heavens and earth–the Lord is his name–says this: Ask me and I will tell you some remarkable secrets about what is going to happen here.” Jeremiah 22:2-3

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