More Than Mere Interest

It may be hard to believe in God, but it is harder not to believe in Him.

There’s a difference between merely being interested in God and truly believing in Him. Those who are just inquisitive don’t have any reason to live a godly life; but someone who actually believes in God should have a lifestyle that is consistent with that belief.

Lots of people have a curiosity about God, but they say that they won’t believe in Him until they have proof of His existence. That’s a stall tactic. The world has all the information about God that is required for belief. The Bible gives the historical facts, and Christians are the living proof. Seeing is not required for believing, because there is sufficient evidence for anyone who is sincerely seeking to find God.

Make sure that you aren’t guilty of having a mere interest instead of true belief. (Your lifestyle is an indicator.) The difference will have eternal significance for you.

“Blessed are those who haven’t seen me and believe anyway.” John 20:29

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