I Made It To Church Again

Against my desire to enter into a “Church Building” for spiritual fulfillment, I gave in to the wishes of the person whom we were visiting for the Christmas Holidays. After agreeing to go, I tried to erase everything I knew would take place. Even the experience of going “to church” proved my reluctance to engage in the status quote of institutionalized church. Believing that we as confessing Christians should not engage in just weekly actives of going to church, but becoming The Church. Nevertheless, looking within ourselves asking the Holy Spirt to reveal to us what He revealed to Peter, for Christ to announce that, “on this rock I will build My Church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it”. At this point His Church was not to be build in a world for Peter to enter into, but to be build in Peter to live out in a dying world. Listening to the person as we rode to the church building, boldly converse on her reasons for going to the church, was to get out of it what she needed in-spite of the truth about the church. By her own action, proved that what she thought she needed was exactly what she was getting, “nothing”. Her action on the way to the church were the direct opposite of that in which we should behave as “The Church”.

Upon entering the parking lot of the newly erected building, I could sense the pride of the people for what they had accomplished in the name of Jesus as a direct action of building the kingdom. Following the traditions of their forefathers, all dressed up for the Sunday meeting as if in this day and time there are no other opportunities for them to dress up. The show was about to begin, I have learned it don’t really matter where you are in this country the ritual and cliches remain the same. As in most institutionalized churches the people stood for the man as he entered, yet still refuse to stand for what is right. I could have recited every word that was about to be spoken from the pulpit, based on my church preparation experience. Very little scripture was the basis of the gathering of the people. Sure entrainment became the focal point of the hour or two service. The pastor by his own remittance acknowledged the lack of knowledge of the people of God’s Word and I am thinking to myself, and you are only adding to their ignorance by your lack of teaching. However, I did leave the building with two great revelations; one was that one of the young men there had just finished med school and was moving to California for a job and was going to send money back and that the guitar player’s brother was a better player than he was. The pastor did have four points he wanted the people to leave with, in which if this would have been a baseball game he would have needed the extra point after he struck out. The bottom line is don’t get so caught up in the church or going to church that you forget to be the rock on which Christ can build His Church.

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