A New Heart

Contrary to popular belief, the hardest part of the human body is not the head,
but the heart.

What is a hardened heart? In the mildest sense, a hardened heart is a stubborn heart. It can also be a heart turned against God. That was the case of Pharaoh, who refused to let God’s people go (Exodus 7:13).

What about today? Are there people whose hearts are hardened against God? Absolutely. It’s not for us to point fingers and try to identify those we think are guilty, because in a very real sense, all of us start out with a hardened heart. Every one of us is turned against God, and we remain that way until we turn our hearts over to God. When that happens, god promises to replace our hard hearts with hearts that follow after Him. Not only that, but God also gives us the Holy Spirit, so our hearts will never harden again.

“And I will give you a new heart with new and right desires,
and I will put a new spirit in you….
And I will put my Spirit in you so you will obey my laws
and do whatever I command.”
Ezekiel 36:26-27

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