Words of the Heart

If you want to know what’s in your heart, listen to your mouth.

No one wants to admit being hypocritical, but most of us suffer from that malady from time to time. We often put on a facade of being spiritual, but it is just a show. If we do this too long and too often, we begin to fool ourselves into thinking we are spiritual when we really aren’t. How can you tell what’s really in your heart?

There is a way to check your true spiritual condition, but it doesn’t involve looking at your heart. That’s too subjective. Instead of looking at your heart, start your examination about ten inches higher. Listen to the words that come out of your mouth. If you hear lying, gossip, criticism, or bitterness, then you have a serious heart problem. But if you’re speaking words of truth, kindness, encouragement, then your heart is in great spiritual shape.

“Whatever is in your heart determines what you say.”

Luke 6:45

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