Rebellion is usually a war of wills.

You probably don’t consider yourself to be a rebellious person. Your perception of a rebel may include a tattoo, a biker’s jacket, and a defiant attitude. Well, your perception is wrong, except for the part about the attitude. The fact that your skin is tattoo-free and your closet doesn’t contain a leather jacket embroidered with a skill and crossbones doesn’t mean that you aren’t a rebel. it depends entirely on your mindset.

God designed you to be an individual with your own personality and style, but your actions and attitudes need to be within His plan for your life. When you intentionally leave God out of the details of your life, you are being defiant and you are rebelling against His authority.

If you want to learn how to live a life in harmony with God’s will, study the life and words of Jesus.

“Yet I want your will, not mine.”

Matthew 26:39

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