Be Passionate About It

It is easier to pick up your cross than to drag it along.Life without passion isn’t living; it’s just existing. But living with passion doesn’t happen automatically. You have to find your passion, define it, and then live it.

After you discover what you are passionate about, you will still have to do other things. The trick is to maintain your focus. Look at Jesus. he knew exactly why He was sent to Earth–to bring God’s Kingdom to the hearts of humankind–and it was His passion. While He was involved in many activities (from healing the sick to dealing with the religious authorities), He didn’t allow other events in His life to distract Him or to dilute His message.

God has created you, knows your innermost thoughts, and has created a purpose for your life. Ask Him to reveal it to you, and then pursue it passionately.

But Jesus replied, “I must preach the Good news of the Kingdom of God in other places, too, because that is why I was sent.”

Luke 4:43

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