In the Beginning

Either God created the heavens and the earth or He didn’t.

Unless we know where our world came from, we don’t really know where it’s going. And we don’t know where we’re going, either. That’s why there’s such a huge debate about how the universe began. The answer goes to the heart of our very existence.

There are only two options when it comes to the beginning of the universe. The first option is that a personal, intelligent, all-powerful, all-knowing, self-existent Creator made the heavens and the earth in perfect balance and harmony. The second option is that everything in the universe came from nothing. It “made” itself. (To get a sense of this, next time you get into your car, imagine that it came into existence on its own without the help of a designer and manufacturer.)

There are no third or fourth options that some impersonal “force” brought the universe into existence, or that a speck of energy exploded into stars and planets and life. Either God made everything or He didn’t.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Genesis 1:1

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