Thoughtful complements wear better than impulsive flattery.You are wary of insincere friendships, and we don’t blame you. So many people bring ulterior motives into a friendship. It is hard to know whether they are really interested in you as a friend, or whether they just want to get something from you or sell something to you. Skepticism is natural if the dinner party turns into a pitch for membership in a Yugoslavian time-shar resort.

You can pave the way for meaningful friendships if you dispense with flattery. It is always shallow and usually transparent. It creates an atmosphere of insincerity in the relationship.

Make your conversation count. Learn to give compliments that are meaningful and appropriate. A legitimate, sincere compliment shows that you are aware and appreciative of someone else’s effort. That’s the stuff on which real friendships are built.

And God is our witness that we were not just pretending to be your friends so you would give us money!

1 Thessalonians 2:5

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