Gossip should never be disguised as concern.You already know that gossip should be avoided. So, you wouldn’t schedule a weekly meeting at Starbucks with a few friends for a gossip session. But there is a risk that the same thing could happen with as much regularity at many churches and homes (and coffee is even served). We’re talking about small group “prayer time.”
There is a temptation to gossip when you are sharing your “prayer requests” about other people. What starts innocently enough can turn ugly when you let your concern shift to conjecture. Instead of sharing requests, you can find yourself sharing rumors.

Satan knows that prayer is effective. He will try to get you distracted from thinking about God’s grace and forgiveness, to focusing on other people’s mistakes and problems (as if you never have mistakes and problems of your own). Prayer is effective, but only if you keep your thoughts and your prayers focused on the right place.

What dainty morsels rumors are–but they sink deep into one’s heart. Proverbs 26:22

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