A Family Resemblance

Be a person whose life is marked by truth, integrity, and passion.

Many people share a family resemblance with their parents. it might be curly hair or a toothy grin. Maybe it is the way you walk or a distinctive laugh. When people see a resemblance of this type, they know what family you belong to.

If you want people to know that you belong to God, your “family resemblance” should be godliness. That trait might look like this in your life:

Knowing the truth–which comes from studying God’s Word;
Acting with integrity–which comes from doing God’s Word;
Living with passion–which comes from sharing God’s Word.
If you have these characteristics in your life, people will easily see the family resemblance between you and your heavenly Father.

But all will be well for those who are godly. Tell them, “You will receive a wonderful reward.” Isaiah 3:10

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