Use for the Purpose Intended

The person with an unread Bible has no advantage over the person who doesn’t own one.

You would laugh if someone expressed belief in a “lucky” rabbit’s foot dangling from their keychain. (Okay, maybe you wouldn’t laugh, but we are pretty sure you would snicker.) Why? Because “good luck charms” are foolishness and offer nothing but a false sense of security.

Sadly, some of us relegate our Bible to the status of “good luck charm.” Somehow we get a warm, fuzzy feeling just knowing that it is propped up in the bookshelf or lying on the nightstand. But we never read it. It is just there for looks (and for luck).

The Bible will do you absolutely no good sitting unread. Only if it is opened, read, and studied can you access all of God’s wisdom and direction that the Bible contains. You need to know all that God has written for you to learn about Him (and youself). You need to read the Bible. Move it off shelf and into your heart.

For these commmands and this teaching are a lamp to light the way ahead of you. Proverbs 6:23

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