If you want to have a great life for yourself, then give it away to God.

Ambition is natural. After all, you want a happy family, friendships, financial security, and good health. In other words, you want a great life. It’s only natural to have such ambitions and to do everything necessary to attain your goals. But should you be ambitious just because it comes naturally?

Jesus taught about the great irony of self-ambition. He said you must lost your life in order to keep it. This paradox forces you to choose which is more important: your physical life or your eternal soul. Jesus taught that gaining everything on Earth–all the things that are supposed to make you happy–will still leave you emotionally bankrupt if you don’t have a spiritual relationship with God.

God wants you to live with ambition and purpose, but He doesn’t want your focus to be self-centered and self-directed. Let God be your priority. Let living in His Kingdom be your ambition.

“And how do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose or forgeit your own soul in the process?” Luke 9:25

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