Two Kinds of Anger

If you lose your temper, you’ve lost.

There are two kinds of anger. There is “righteous” anger that comes out of a righteous response to sin. This is the kind of anger that Jesus displayed when He chased the money changers out of the Temple (Mark 11:15-17). You might express this type of anger, too. You can express this emotion and still have God in control of your life. In fact, it is the Holy Spirit inside of you that reacts and controls your responses.

The second kind of anger controls you. You lose your temper. You say or do something you later regret. Don’t try to give God credit for this type of anger. He doesn’t have anything to do with it (and He doesn’t want you to, either). This is the kind of anger that the Bible warns against because it can take over control of your life.

Only God should have control of your life. Make sure that your temper is not pushing Him out of His rightful place.

Don’t be quick-tempered, for anger is the friend of fools. Ecclesiastes 7:9

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  1. Sheila Pittman

    So you should not be like cowering, fearful slaves. You should behave instead like God’s very own children, adopted into His family – calling Him “Father, dear Father.” For His Holy Spirit speaks to us deep in our hearts and tells us that we are God’s children. Romans 8:15-16

    How do you react to people? How to do react to painful situations? How to you react when something is wrong in a relationship? God has called us to be children of God, His very own child. We are to develop a heart of love. When we accepted Christ into our lives, we were adopted into His family. With every family, there comes responsibility. We are to love our family members and work through relationships that are hurting and painful. We are to become like Him, forgiving and kind. We are to be a servant of God not a slave to pain or relationship difficulties.

    If you are having a tough time with a relationship – whether it be work, family or friends….pray dear sisters and brothers, pray. Ask others that know Christ to pray with you and for the people in your life causing pain. I just asked a few of my friends and co-workers to pray for my attitude this morning. I need to be grateful, loving and alive in Christ, but instead I allowed myself to be like a cowering fearful slave. I could not got past my fear and exhaustion. However, God used others to pray and encourage me, so I can see the truth. His deep love for me and my family. He is there in the midst of my trials.

    Ask God to help you see the truth. It could be your fault, it might be theirs, it might be a misunderstanding, or perhaps it is no one’s fault. Then go in love and speak to that person or persons. Ask them to help you understand what is wrong. Ask God to help you forgive and change your heart. Having hurt feelings doesn’t feel good, but God has called His children to love no matter what. He has called us to lean on Him for love and comfort. Dear friends, be the child of God wherever you are today. Love conquers a multitude of pain and sin. Forgiveness changes us and many times, the act of forgiveness changes the people we are dealing with. Allow the Holy Spirit to touch you deep in your heart today as you read the Words from the Scriptures above.

    God Bless….

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