Faith placed in God prevails. Faith placed anywhere else fails.

At its core, faith is believing that someone or something will be worthwhile in your life. The problem with the world is not that people lack faith. The problem is that their faith is misplaced. Most people have put their faith in things or in people that will someday prove unreliable and unfulfilling. Have you been hesitant to have faith in your future because the people and circumstances in your life are unreliable?

For faith to ultimately work and last, it must be placed in something that will not fail in the future. God is the only unfailing place for your faith. He always makes good on His promises. No one who has ever known Him has found God to be unfaithful. He will do what He has said. You can hold on to His promises. Nothing and nobody else but God is worthy of your complete trust.

“Have faith in God…All that’s required is that you really believe and do not doubt in your heart.” Mark 11:22-23

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