Attending church building obviously is optional…not biblical…for there…

Attending church building obviously is optional…not biblical…for there are those of us who genuinely seek after the Lord yet don’t warm a pew with our bottom every week. My conscience is crystal clear, though I would love to be a part of a godly community, and especially have a father like mentor whom I could respect and learn from.

Trouble is most of the pastors I have meet are more concerned about their church…than God’s people…lusting after more and more money to pad their pockets and to build a kingdom of their own…while funneling kibbles and bits to the Store House to help and feed God’s people. The typical protestant church service of stale hymns and sermon feels as hollow as a mindless tradition rendered corny. The alternative seems to be mega church worldly concert extravaganzas with trendy pastors and their white board presentations, and admittedly beautiful and solemn mass, but burdened with centuries of sacramental and doctrinal baggage.

Home groups, Bible studies and charity work seems the next best means of becoming involved with fellow believers, which I agree should be enjoyed, as not forsaking the assembly of other believers.

If attending church is optional (in my opinion anyway), loving others is not. The whole point of Christianity is loving other people and leading them to Christ by living a Godly lifestyle…not going to a church building—but being a member of the Body of Christ…which should represent The Church…a community of believers willing to make a different outside the walls of a comfort zone church building. ~KP

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