Jesus’ Authority

The Word of God heard from your mouth is more effective if it is also seen in your life.

When people heard Jesus teach, they were amazed. They had listened many times to the religious leaders who read the Scriptures and gave explanations that were dry, lifeless, and mostly irrelevant.

But Jesus’ manner of teaching was different, and so was His content. He explained the Scripture in a way that made them relevant to life. Jesus spoke with authority because He knew the Scripture. The people could see from the actions of His life that He believed what He taught.

Is your life more like the lives of the religious leaders, or is it more like Jesus? When you talk about spiritual matters, do you make them sound dry and lifeless? Or can you communicate the truth about God in a way that makes it seem exciting and appealing to others? Your answers to these questions will depend upon how much you know, and believe, about God. If He is at work in your life, then what you say about Him will be authentic and full of life.

They were amazed at his teaching, for he taught as one who had real authority–quite unlike the teachers of religious law. Mark 1:22

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