Lies are like potato chips: It’s difficult to stop with just one.

The cable networks are filled with infomercials that promote healthy living with diet programs, exercise equipment, or greaseless cookware. But all that paraphernalia won’t help you much if you are living a deceitful life.

Dishonesty is very detrimental to your health. When you live a long time with deceit, it begins to take its toll on your body and your mind. You become frantic and depressed as you must constantly create more lies in order to cover what you have already said and done. Guilt begins to eat away at you. It’s a tough way to live.

On the other hand, when you confess the lies and begin to live in truth–when honesty becomes your policy–you will experience a joy and a level of freedom you never though possible. The world asks you to lie and suffer the detrimental effects. God asks you to live honestly and enjoy the benefits.

The Lord hates those who don’t keep their word, but he delights in those who do. Proverbs 12:22

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