Black Lives Matter – Really The slogan is…

Black Lives Matter – Really?

The slogan is directed at white police officers accused of wrongfully killing black males. Many chanting from this website stating 1 black male is killed every 28 hours by police. However, if you take the time to randomly Google the names of the of the 313 people you will find they were mostly involved in criminal activity. Not that the officer saw them and said, I think I will kill a black person today.

Overwhelmingly, more of our young black males are killed at the hands of others black males. If “Black Lives Matter” the outcry should be not only directed at white police officers, but, also at black males who kill each other daily. If I was a white police officer and wanted to kill blacks, I would simply not respond. We do a great job of this ourselves.

I am not saying that there is not a problem with police officers making bad decisions. Clearly, the officer who refused to release the chokehold on Eric Gardner needed to be held accountable for his actions. However, we as a people need to take responsibility for our actions and acknowledge the wrongful actions of others “watch for falling rocks”, especially within our own race and families.

If black lives really matter to you, take the time tomorrow to watch the news or search the news on the Internet and go protest the next senseless murder of a black person. Protest the next drug bust of a black person, protest the next crime committed at the hand of a black person. Don’t protest to blame…protest to change!

Change starts at home! If we want to change the outcomes we see, let’s change the way people see us. Then stand united against the ones who refuse to acknowledge we matter black or white. You can’t throw rocks at a glass ceiling and expect it not to break and when it breaks expect not to get injured or ultimately die. ~KP

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