Free…Yet Bound to The Plantation I was born…

Free…Yet Bound to The Plantation

I was born and raised in Mississippi. I experienced racial injustice growing up, but I refused to allow it to define me. I didn’t understand the foolishness surrounding me, but I knew I couldn’t remain in it.
…I didn’t understand why we could not sit close to the screen when we went to the movies or why we would get chased home after we came out of the movies.
…I couldn’t understand why we could not go into a restaurant to order food, let alone sit down to eat.
…I didn’t understand when I saw a black man who wasn’t allowed to ride in the truck with a white man, but his dog was and the man had to ride in the back of the pickup.
Yet…I refused to remain on the plantation.

In 1895, thirty years behind every other state, Mississippi finally accepted that slavery was legally over and blacks were free, however, they found a way to still suppress the newly freed people. Today, 119 years later the subtle vise is still at work. IGNORANCE…remove a person’s ability to have knowledge and you remove their ability to be productive in this world.

We live in a country that has made tremendous strives since 1865, however, we must strive to go much further. Martin Luther King ripped a page right out of the enemy’s playbook. He esthetically turned the tides of ignorance from us to them, by peacefully standing for what he believed in and uniting a people to do the same.

We can’t change a world if we keep showing our ignorance…if you want to change injustice in this country educate from the wound…if we don’t respect ourselves no one else will. Eric Gardner couldn’t breathe…be we can…don’t give them a reason to highlight our ignorance…give the world a clear view of theirs. ~KP ‪#‎alllivesmatter‬

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