You won’t transform spiritually if you continue to conform culturally.

There is tremendous pressure to conform to our culture. Few of us want to stick out where we are subject to ridicule. It is much safer, we think, to blend in and go along with the group mentality. But have you noticed that the group mentality is usually wrong? This shouldn’t come as any shock to us, because our own natural instincts are usually just the opposite of how God wants us to respond to any situation.

Check your life to see if society is influencing your thinking. You probably haven’t been brainwashed totally, but there is a strong chance that your thinking has been influenced. If you are going to be a fully devoted follower of God, you’ve got to make sure that you don’t conform to the culture in any significant way that would compromise godly principles. A transformation of your thinking process may be required, but God can handle that if you allow Him to.

Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world… Romans 12:2

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