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A man’s way can be one of his most precious possessions…choose it as if your life depends on it…because it does. ~KP  


My name is Kenny Pittman; I have been married to my lovely wife Sheila for twenty years. I am a native of Calhoun City, MS. And now reside in Indianapolis, IN.

I accepted my calling into the ministry in 1997. At that time I owned a company which, in 2005 I sold and went into ministry full time.

After experiencing institutionalized church and seeing the negative impact it can have on people my heart became heavy. Church was so different on the inside looking out than it was on the outside looking in. I saw the focus of the church was on membership and not relationship, on tithes (money) and not being good stewards themselves.

In October 15 2007 at 9:00AM God showed me something that changed my life. I quit my job in the institutionalized church as a hired hand and resigned my membership to institutionalized church forever. Over the next seven months God allow me to feel what it was like to be crucified by religious people.

After much prayer, fasting and healing from what we call “church hurt”.

I resolve to Finish Well as a man of integrity.

God is leading me to teach and write about my experiences and help people see God beyond institutionalized church, to really experience the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

Thank You for visiting my website, I hope it is informative and enjoyable.


Kenny Pittman


www.kennypittman.com        www.kennypittman.org

Coming Soon   http://www.kennysmemoir.wordpress.com

Please submit all questions to questons@kennypittman.com

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Kenny’s favorite worship songs
I Do Worship
I Owe All
I Need Your Glory
I Need Your Glory (Reprise)
Standing in the Need
Just to Worship
Grateful (Reprise)
Praise Is What I Do
Faithful Is Our God
Do You Know Jesus

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