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Let me ask you a question Kenny:

What if you know at one point of time a minister was a powerful servant of God beyond no shadow of a doubt. Then, you noticed the ministry has lost members, preaching about they self, and what I would consider leading people astray. How do you properly judge this person, wouldnt u have to judge the fruit according … Read Moreto the bible, although I know we pray for one anotehr and all that but why would it make it acceptable just because they were once walking right and have went astray. Not laymen I’m talking about leaders or would u say God order wld be to send in a Prophet to warn them, but what about the people’s money that took and laid astray..I ‘m looking for guidance on this one..I’m battling this right now…


As you well know everyone has an agenda or motive for what they do and why they do it. Let me be frank, I do as well —that it may not be concealed. My motive and agenda is to call for repentance from leaders that have caused a great divide between the members of the body of Christ (The Church). However, maybe or maybe not even at the fault of the leader, but hereditary because of the tradition of man.

We are running a good race. Who cut in on us and is keeping us from operating with the power of truth? Galatians 5:7 {emphasis mine}

I know the question maybe, what divide?

In the city of Indianapolis alone, Churches are in direct competition with each other. Who has the most members, who have the largest building, if one builds another one has to build, if one hears of a ministry that the other one has; instead of supporting, they start their own. Pastors only support each other within their click and only if it benefits them, which fosters an us against them mentality, which materializes to the members. This not only causes a divide amongst the BODY, but also a divide of Christians towards spiritual maturity.

Do you see this as a problem? If so, at what point do leaders rise up and begin calling each other on it or do they? If not, why?

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