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Jesus took the time to address the needs…

Jesus took the time to address the needs of the sinner…and indicating the poor should just trust in God…today religious leaders take the time to address the needs of the poor…and indicating the sinner should just trust in God. –Jesus cared more about people’s future salvation…than there present savings. ~KP

Choose Your Blessing

*Again, the devil took Him up on an exceedingly high mountain, and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory. And he said to Him, “All these things I will give You if You will fall down and worship me.” Then Jesus said to him, “Away with you, Satan! For it is written, ‘You shall worship the LORD your God, and Him only you shall serve,’ ” Then the devil left Him, and behold, angels came and ministered to Him. Matthew 4:8-11*

Could it be to far fetched that we have become above reproach as Christians. We confess to believe in the bible, however, so often we overlook scripture in error of personal opinions. The devil appears to be a real in the minds of Christians, but the power he process in this world is downplayed to say the least. The bible clearly shows us in this text how the devil, “Satan” takes Jesus on a high mountain and shows Him the kingdoms of this world and their glory. Then Satan tells Jesus “All these thing I will give You if you fall down and worship me.”

Please note, Jesus did not tell Satan he did not have the power or authority to give Him this things. Not only does Satan have the power to give these things, but today men are falling down worshiping him and receiving kingdoms and glory without recognizing the giver. In the name of Jesus men and women professing to be Christians Leaders are deceiving and being deceived by the ways and riches of this world. Jesus was not here to siege the moment or take advantage of the riches of His day, but it was a future wealth that He knew of. However, today many have opted for the blessing that Jesus refused.

So many Christians leaders today are lead on the mountain by the devil and they become mesmerized by the view and blinded to what they worship. In return they teach this as gospel to their followers and in ignorance are lead astray by the twisting of scripture by Satan inspired men and women. Because this new found teaching is pleasing to the ears, the devil does not leave as he left Jesus or the angel come and minister to us as they did Him. Yet, Satan lurks in the tree in which we eat from as he did with Adam and Eve and allow the fallen angels which fell with him to minister to the followers.

With the help of the Prince of this world they are successful in building kingdoms, cities on the hill and many other names they call them. Carrying the Word of God in their hands and minds as Satan does, but far from their hearts. Luring people to the church, instead of helping them become The Church. Teaching followers to be more in tuned with the world, than in tuned with God. Using the tithe to feed their appetites, instead of the widows and the poor. They choose to entertain the people instead of making disciples of them.

Jesus told Satan, “It is written, you shall worship the LORD your God, and only serve Him.” The teaching received by many Christians is not of what is written, but what sounds good to them. There are so many gathering together were the Word is few, but the message of this world and its glory is plentiful. The worship to God is hindered by a like of knowledge of Him. Not like the worship of Satan, which come natural to a person.

It is time for Christian leaders to repent and turn their hearts back to God from the world. Begin to restore dignity and character to those who profess to be called by God. It is time for men and women of God to humble themselves to modest means and stop trying to keep up with the Jones and bow down with the great cloud of witnesses of the bible. A follower of Jesus has the Spirit of Jesus living in him, and it is not judging to call the out the tree by the fruit it bears. ~KP©

Pushing Through

Everybody whom I can think of in the New Testament record who “forgot their manners’ received something from God. I’m not talking about rudeness for the sake of rudeness—but rudeness out of desperation. The woman with the hemorrhaging problem who elbowed her way through; the Canaanite woman begging Jesus to deliver her daughter. “…the violent take it by force.” ~KP

The House of Bread

The priority of God’s presence has been lost in church today. We’re like bakeries that are open, but have no bread. We are not even interested in baking bread anymore—content with rolling around the empty bread racks. We have learned to enjoy the heat of the ovens and the crumbs lost in the carpet. Others have become so preoccupied with just coming by the bakery—not realizing there is no bread in “The House of Bread”. ~KP

“Let My People Go”

Many professing Christian churches today are unbiblical slave camps that exist to serve the agendas of men. These “churches” can be likened to a modern day Egypt and the alleged “men of God” in the pulpits can be likened to Pharaohs.

Radical for Christ

The Bible says of the Kingdom of Heaven, “…the violent take it by force.” For some reason that doesn’t sound like us, does it? We’ve become so churhcified that we have our own form of political correctness and polite etiquette. I am sorry if I am a little radical—no I’m not! We have been spoon feed this pillow gospel long enough—it’s time to REPENT and let it be done on earth as it is in heaven. ~KP

I’m Hungry!

Counterfeits can no longer satisfy or interest me—I need the real thing. Most of us keep our lives so jammed with junk food for the soul and amusements for the flesh that we don’t know what it is to be really hungry. Have you ever seen hungry people—really hungry? I mean hungry like sitting in the cold at 3AM waiting for Wal-Mart to open? When was the last time you sit up all night waiting on Heaven’s window to open?

Spiritual Hunger

So many people are desperate for hope that they will accept a canned script from paid marketers as spiritual insight. Oh, the depth of spiritual hunger in the world! There is only one reason people are willing to accept the counterfeit—they don’t know where to find the real thing. The sad reality is if they found it—they wouldn’t know what is looked like. Today there is as much of God in most bars as there is in most churches. ~KP

Do you know Him?

Be careful that you don’t get caught up in doing things for Him that you forget about Him. So many have become caught up in being religious—that they never become spiritual. So many have lost or never experienced intimacy with Him—they stifle their hunger for His presence by doing things for Him. Too often we live on a lower plane than what God intended for us. ~KP


Many claim to love and hunger for God and His Word. If true, why do so many settle for a substitute? Most would rather hear a sermon; read someone’s book; go to a conference; listen to gospel music; watch T.V.—than read His Word and pray. When these things become your primary source to hear from God you have become a substitute salt, which has lost it flavor to be a seasoning in this world for God. ~KP

Giving Thanks!

Father, I give thanks to You for—life; the shed blood through which sin is forgiven and Your presence made available; family and friends—past and present; pubic successes—yet private failures; wealth and poverty; highs and lows of life; pleasures and disappointments; yet most of all thank You for my hurts, pains, trials and tribulations—without them I wouldn’t have seem Your face. As the oil runs down—thanking You in advance for what is about to come! ~KP


Repentance prepares the way and makes the road of our hearts straight. Repentance builds up every low place and takes down every high place in our lives and church families. Repentance prepares us for His presence. How long has it been since you laid aside everything that ever occupied you and ran down the road of repentance to pursue God? In fact it’s impossible to be in God’s presence without true repentance. Give Him thanks—yet repentance required. ~KP

A Loosening

I am praying for the day when sinners veer off the highway when they drive by places of an open heaven. When they begin to pull into parking lots with puzzled looks, and the knock on the doors and say, “Please, there’s something here…I’ve got to have it.” It is time for the children of God to stop playing church and desire a hunger and fear of God that begins to shake the very foundation of this world—that the prison doors of the lost will be loosed. ~KP


God is getting ready to break out in America, even if He has to bypass his stuffy churches to break out in the barrooms! This is not new He has bypass the religious elite before to dine with the poor, the profane, and the prostitutes. Don’t be inside praying for Him to come—in while He passes by outside. Worse than that the “insiders” miss Him—while the “outsiders” march with Him. ~KP

No More Crumbs

Satan’s ploy has been to keep us so full of junk that we’re not hungry for God, and it has worked magnificently for years. The enemy has made us so accustomed to surviving on an earthly prosperity—but a beggar’s subsistence in the spirit realm, that just a crumb of God’s presence will satisfy. I am here to announce today that there are those who are not content with crumbs anymore. Expecting the full loaf! ~KP

New Wave

Revival as we know it now is really the recycling of saved people through the Church to keep them fired up and the money rolling in. The next wave of true revival will bring waves of unchurched people on fire for God. People who have never darkened the doors of the church in their lives. Often we are so full and satisfied with other things that we insist on getting by with our crumbs of the past. This wave won’t settle for stale bread. ~KP

It’s Time to Feed.

Millions of people are staring for life. They are sick and overstuffed with man-made programs for self-help and self-advancement. They are starving for Him, not stories about Him. They want the food, but are given a tattered menu vacuum-sealed in plastic to protect the fading images of what once was the grasping fingers of the desperately hungry. It is time for the Word of God to be laid out on the banquet tables for people to feast. ~KP


It’s simply not enough to know God. We have churches filled with people who can win Bible trivia contests but who don’t know God. I am afraid that some of us have been sidetracked—entangled by everything from prosperity to poverty, and we’ve become such an ingrown society of the self-righteous that our desires and our wants and those of the Holy Spirit are two different matters. ~KP

“Do you want Me?”

Are you hungry for God or have the program—programmed you? God doesn’t care about your music, your midget steeples, and your flesh-impressive buildings. Your carpet doesn’t impress Him—He carpets the fields. God doesn’t really care about anything you can “do” for Him; He only cares about your answer to one question: “Do you want Me?” It’s easy for people to “do” things for God—yet want no part of God. ~KP

Giving Thanks

As you prepare for your Thanksgiving Day don’t forget to give thanks to people whose always willing to go the extra mile—those so often taken for granted. When you arise in the morning, give thanks for the morning light, for your life and strength. Give thanks for your food, and the joy of living. If you see no reason for giving thanks, the fault lies with yourself. God gave it—you neglected to receive it. ~KP

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