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Sexual integrity

Sexual integrity is not a conditional word or deed. It doesn’t blow in the wind or change with the weather. It is a man’s inner image that is shaped by deposits into the heart’s emptiness bank reserved for God. If you reconciled the heart’s statement and find large deposits continuously from the Word—that man will never cheat. However, if the deposits are contaminated with the wealth of the world—he will never be faithful. ~KP

True Accountability

With the advent of so many support groups in America today, “accountability” has become one of the big “buzz words” of our culture. Those of us who have struggled with life-dominating habits have learned to meet together so that we can be answerable to each other about how we are doing with that problem. But the principle of accountability in the Bible means much more than just telling another person how we have done with our particular problem that week. It means that we should hold our entire lives accountable to those believers we have joined ourselves with. It is one of the tremendous tools the Lord has given us in our own personal war with sin.

This tool that God gave us, when I tried to use it, that was the beginning of my fall in the institutionalized church. I learned quickly that you should never correct one of the top ten tithers.

Unfortunately, IC short for institutionalized church has turned accountability into the “ability to count”.

Because of our mobile society and the make-up of our large churches, believers find it very easy to attend church without any true accountability. This is one of the great tragedies of the Church today: millions of Christians “doing their own thing,” without being answerable to the leadership God has placed over them and even to each other. This is one of the main reasons sin is so rampant today in our churches.

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